Date: 20 July, 2021 (Tuesday)  8:00 – 16:00

Participants will gain insight into precision agriculture technology solutions adopted and applied on the field through the example of a large Hungarian farming company, KEVE Zrt. The venue of the technical tour is in the outskirts of Baracska, near Budapest, where the technologies of the hosting company are presented through various stations, each with its own specific topic following the progress of vegetation. 

The last station, the “data processing”, will take place in the palace of Martonvásár.

Martonvásár is noted for the Brunsvik palace and the beautiful „English Garden”. This town is the centre of the Hungarian Beethoven cult, with the Beethoven Memorial Museum. The park is also the scene of the Centre for Agricultural Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, one of the centres of the European agricultural innovations.


Program of the Technical Tour

8:00 Meeting in the parking are of the venue of the Conference (University of Public Service – Ludovika Campus, Educational Centre,  H-1083 Budapest, Üllői út 82).

8:30 Departure from the meeting point to Baracska. (Transfer to Baracska by bus.)

The participants of the field day will be split into 4 groups (marked with coloured badges). We will ask you to always get on the bus marked with your colour so that you can visit all the stations.

9:30 Scheduled arrival to the stations in Baracska.


– Station 1: Soil station

– Station 2: Sowing station

– Station 3: Nutrient management station

– Station 4: Plant protection station


We spend 30 minutes at each station. When changing the stations please always follow your dedicated guide and colour. 

Refreshments will be available at the stations. As the program is very tight, you can enjoy it during the presentation.

12:00 Departure to Martonvásár.

12:15 Scheduled arrival in Martonvásár.

12:30-13:00 Station 5 in the conference room. Topic: data processing, post harvest.

13:00 Lunch 

During and after lunch we invite you to taste some Hungaricums “fröccs” and to meet Hungarian precision agriculture firms. 

The Beethoven Memorial Museum is a 1-minute walk from the lunch venue. If you are interested, you can visit the exhibition. As the exhibition is very informative please do not forget the return time of the buses. 

15:30 1. bus will depart back to Budapest, to the meeting point.

16:00 2. bus will depart back to Budapest to the meeting point. 

We would like to draw your attention that at the venue of the field day there will be very limited telephone and internet coverage.

Dress code: comfortable clothing appropriate for the season and comfortable shoes, as you will be walking in a field. (In Hungary July is usually sunny and hot.)

The professional organizer of the Field day of the ECPA 2021:

Mr. Jakab KAUSER, K-Prec Ltd., managing director

The professional lecturers of the stations are:

SOIL station

Mr. Marton VONA, PhD; CEO of Csernozjom Kft.

Ms. Szilvia PALAKOVICS, international corporate representative, Agrova Kft.

SOWING Station

Ms. Annabella SZABÓ, Key account manager, Metos Hungary

dr. Dénes SZIEBERTH, President; Hungarian Maize Club Association

Mr. Péter HEICZ , Agronomy Innovation Lead; BU South East, Syngenta


György BALASSA, plant biologist,

Mr. Szabolcs SZABARI, Consultant; Yara Hungária Ltd.



Henrich Meier – European Regional Commercial Director, xarvio™ Digital Farming Solutions, Germany

Szabolcs GYOVAI, Managing Director, Plant protection engineer, PlantaDrone Ltd. 

Mr. Péter HEICZ , Agronomy Innovation Lead; BU South East, Syngenta


Mr. Miklós MARÓTI, CEO of AgroVIR Kft.

Video of the Technical Tour - Sowing station

Video of the Technical Tour - Nutrient Management station

Video of the Technical Tour - Plant protection station

Source: Balázs NÉMETH

Detailed article regarding the Technical Tour’s Program (unfortunately in Hungarian only). You can find there an interesting video that might be worth seeing for all participants.