On the ECPA2021 conference technical tour participants will gain insight into precision agriculture technology solutions adopted and applied on the field through the example of a large Hungarian farming company, KEVE Zrt. The technical tour begins in the outskirts of Baracska, near Budapest (the capital city), where the technologies of the hosting company are presented through various stations.
The stations have their specific topics and follow the progress of vegetation.
Scope of the stations: soil, sowing, nutrient management and plant protection.
The last station, which has the topic of data processing, will take place in the castle park of Martonvásár, one of the important centre of Hungarian Agricultural Research.

The professional organizer of the Field day of the ECPA 2021:

Mr. Jakab KAUSER, K-Prec Ltd., managing director

The professional lecturers of the stations are:

SOIL station

Mr. Marton VONA, PhD; CEO of Csernozjom Kft.

Ms. Szilvia PALAKOVICS, international corporate representative, Agrova Kft.

SOWING Station

dr. Dénes SZIEBERTH, President; Hungarian Maize Club Association

Mr. Péter HEICZ , Agronomy Innovation Lead; BU South East, Syngenta


Mr. Szabolcs SZABARI, Consultant; Yara Hungária Ltd.


Szabolcs GYOVAI, Managing Director, Plant protection engineer, PlantaDrone Ltd. 

Mr. Péter HEICZ , Agronomy Innovation Lead; BU South East, Syngenta



Source: Balázs NÉMETH

Detailed article regarding the Technical Tour’s Program (unfortunately in Hungarian only). You can find there an interesting video that might be worth seeing for all participants.