Dear Participants!

The 13th ECPA Conference is in two weeks and we – as the event organizers –  would like to see the number of in-person participants, and clarify the COVID situation.   

The ECPA 2021 Participants are kindly asked to comply with the current pandemic rules.
At the moment, the ECPA 2021 is open to visitors with a valid EU COVID certificate. 


We – Hungary – have reached 5.5 million vaccinations, so masks will no longer be required indoors and people will be allowed to go to hotels, restaurants, baths without an immunity certificate. However, masks will remain mandatory in the healthcare sector. The use of immunity certificates will be maintained for events, such as conferences.


Regarding the ECPA 2021 Conference, guests from EU countries or Hungarian citizens can enter the event if they have an EU / Hungarian COVID certificate. (It serves as a digital proof that a person was vaccinated against COVID-19, received a negative test result or recovered from COVID-19.) 


We have to check this at the registration. 

On 24th of June Hungary reopened the Schengen borders. This means you can enter Hungary by car, by train or by coach without border control. But, if you arrive by plane, the current rules require a 10-day quarantine. (This rule does not apply for example to Vienna airport, where a negative PCR test is required for entry.)


In Budapest airport there is an exception to the quarantine obligations: If you can prove that the purpose of the travel is carrying out business or economic activity, then you can enter without restrictions, but it has to be justified with a certificate issued by the inviting party. 


The Organizing Committee cannot guarantee that this certificate will be accepted in any case, so it is the responsibility of the participant to comply with the current entry rules between his/her country and Hungary. 


In case you would like to ask for this certification, please e-mail us. 


Please also check the rules for your home country concerning return to home! 

Should you have any other questions please contact us! 


Kind regards, 

The ECPA 2021 Organizing Committee