• The Abstract has to briefly describe the work to be discussed in the paper and also give a concise summary of the findings. Please note that abstracts should have between 2 000 and 2 500 characters (including spaces) and include relevant scientific information (materials and methods, results and discussion, and conclusions).

• Abstracts must be submitted using the online submission link.

• All abstracts must be submitted in English (authors whose native language is not English are strongly advised to have their abstracts checked by a native speaker).

• The names and affiliations of ALL authors should be included in the abstract, i.e. department, institution, city, country

Program Topics

Topic 01 – Precision Agriculture
Topic 02 – Precision Horticulture
Topic 03 – Precision Viticulture
Topic 04 – Precision Crop Protection
Topic 05 – Proximal and Remote Sensing of Soil and Crop
Topic 06 – Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems
Topic 07 – Satellite-based applications for Precision Agriculture
Topic 08 – Smart Weather for Precision Agriculture
Topic 09 – Differential harvest
Topic 10 – Embedded sensing systems
Topic 11 – Site-Specific Nutrient, Lime and Seed Management
Topic 12 – Site-Specific canopy, harvest quality, etc.
Topic 13 – Precision pasture Management
Topic 14 – Drainage Optimization and Variable Rate Irrigation
Topic 15 – Geostatistics, mapping and spatial data analysis
Topic 16 – Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things
Topic 17 – Robotics, Guidance and Automation
Topic 18 – Economics of Precision Agriculture
Topic 19 – Adoption of Precision Agriculture
Topic 20 – Small farms/Small Holders and Precision Agriculture
Topic 21 – Education in Precision Agriculture
Topic 22 – On Farm Experimentation with Site-Specific Technologies
Topic 23 – Software and mobile Apps for Precision Agriculture
Topic 24 – Decision Support for Precision Agriculture
Topic 25 – Data Mining for Precision Agriculture
Topic 26 – Miscellaneous